We started from the rethinking and European restructuring is developing, including from the point of view of the educational system or research & development sector operation, of management of natural resources respecting biodiversity, equity of distribution costs and advantages of sustainable development, joining the European Union compels us to keep up with the time of reconstruction, calling for miscellaneous cooperation networks.

Our approach looks to promote interdisciplinary and inter-institutional researches aiming at a viable enterprise that takes into consideration the fundamental values of sustainable development; the question is how can one answer in a responsible way – to an indisputable challenge – by acting towards strengthening the capacity to solve and rethink the enterprise stimulating the initiative of real constructors and users, benefiting from a national pro-active policy, articulating appropriate initiatives, emphasizing participatory planning and focusing on socio-cultural variables; in order to do that it is necessary to benefit from economic intelligence as a priority of the industrial and innovation competitiveness policy, competitive and economic intelligence at macroeconomic level seeking to support strategic planning and the decision process.



The landmarks were the following:


-     The imperative of future design;

-   Joining the European Union compels us to keep up with the time of reconstruction, calling for miscellaneous cooperation networks;

Strengthening the competitive analysis and privileging strategic behaviour; 

-         Scientific research and the new partnership;

-         Challenging tomorrow: establishing public-private-citizen partnerships;

  •       Rethinking the enterprise and promoting the country brand devoting to the enterprise brand; a practical approach consisting of testing an innovative partnership (outlining a  team), as expressing the concern regarding the constructive role of the irreversible; within this approach the political will be situated beyond the „game” of influences, and the freedom of the press will represent the support for widening the constructive debate  (advocating for a debate – as the real tribune for constructive dialogue– beyond pretexts and small polemics, beyond the false values spread by  the “society of entertainment”)


Beniamin Cotigaru, Constantin Popescu, Theodor Purcarea and Aurel Dobre

CRD agrees with the opinion (Paul Gray) according to which the most important result of education is helping students in becoming independent from formal education and advocates for the partnership, starting from the importance of generating unity in the commitment to extend young people’ energy and understanding to act towards building a sustainable society. Indeed, it is necessary to identify ways to translate the energy, awareness and determination of young people in activities, networks and positive change, building in terms of knowledge, experie
ces and interests of the citizens, communities and civil society.