Victor GREU

Victor Greu

Victor GREU, Honorary Member of the Romanian Distribution Commitee and Member of the Editorial Board of the „Romanian Distribution Commitee Magazine”, is Professor of Communications (PhD in Communications Engineering), following an university career in the Military Technical Academy of Bucharest (from 1980, when he graduated this university) up to the position of CHAIR of the Communications in the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics, including a period (2000-2006) in the Special Telecommunications Service (as Head of The Prognosis and Development Division, 2001-2006), Brigadier general in activity, retired after octomber the first 2006; Author of 11 books and more than 80 papers in journals and international conferences proceedings (9 abroad); Author or co-author of winning reasearch grants; Author or co-author of 7 innovation certificates; Recipient of International Scientific awards; Member of IEEE (Communications; Antennas and Propagations – societies), since 1998; Senior Member IEEE, since februariy 2005; Member of AFCEA – USA, 1998-2010; Head of the Romanian Team at International Conference GPS-NAVSTAR (USA), Bled, Slovenia, 1995; Founder, chairman and technical committee member of the international conferences series COMMUNICATIONS (96, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2012) – (IEEE-Romania Section, Military Technical Academy – Politehnica University of Bucharest); Evaluation expert of National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education (recipient of Attestation Certificate for Competence in Research Evaluation -2001), for many research programs (1998-2008) as: Excellence; Security (2006); Partnership in Priority Areas/Complex Projects (2008); Evaluation expert and president of evaluation commissions of the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education, for Excellence Centers (1999-2002; G.Asachi Technical University of Iasi; Technical University of Cluj); Official referee in commissions for doctoral thesis or doctoral studies process evaluation, at Politehnica University of Bucharest, G.Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Politehnica University of Timisoara, National University of Defence, Military Technical Academy (1996-2007); Leading University Graduating Works of students on co-tutelage with foreign universities from France (Toulo
use-1998), Holland (Delft-2005), Germany-2007; Member of the Scientific Board of international conferences.

Professor Victor Greu’s communication expertise is reflected by the next main achievements:

- Author of the first, inRomania:

  • university cours on Spread Spectrum Systems (1988);
  • university book on Spread Spectrum Systems, at the Military Technical Academy Printing House (1989);
  • technical book on Spread Spectrum Systems, at the (national) Military Printing House (1992)

- Theoretical and applied research on:

  • Spread Spectrum Systems
  • Communications Networks
  • Antennas and Propagations
  • Military Multiplexing Systems

- Main contributions to the research and development, in the period 1986-1988, of the6-12-24channels harmonic telegraphy equipment (experimental model, prototype, fabrication) for the Ministry of Defence;

- Deputy-chief of the Radiocommunications Division of Special Telecommunications Service (2000-2001), which installed, operated and managed, in that period, the multiple acces radiocommunications systems TETRAPOL (national coverage) and TETRA (regional coverage), including the necessary radio-relay backbone.

Well known as constantly striving for perfection in everything he does, Victor GREU, Professor of Communications, has as hobbies music (high fidelity) and garden care, considered as means of communication with the spirit and the environment, practicing both arts sincerely, while meeting the nature thanks to this both special instruments which feed the soul too, proving that he does not know to rest, and telling us, including this way, what he is, it seems, the last but not the least, that he is confirming the words of Cicero that everything we need is only a garden and a library.


Victor GREU, Diploma of Special Merit