Victor GREU

Victor Greu

VICTOR GREUHonorary Member of the Romanian Distribution Commitee, Member of the Board of the Romanian Distribution Commitee and Member of the Editorial Board of  the „Romanian Distribution Commitee Magazine”, is Professor of Communications (PhD in Communications Engineering), following an university career in the Military Technical Academy (MTA) of Bucharest (from 1980, when he graduated this university, continuously till now) up to the position of Head of the Communications Department in the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics (1996-2000), including a period (2000-2006) in the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), as Deputy-Chief of the Radiocommunications Division (2000-2001), followed as Head of the Prognosis and Development Division (2001-2006), brigadier general in activity and retired after october the first 2006.



  • Professor or associate professor at MTA, covering courses as Spread spectrum systems (by 6 books), Integrated systems of communications and information technology (by 1 book), Radio relay and satellite communications (by 1 book),   Electronic materials technology (by 3 books), Antennas and propagation, teaching for students from Romania (National Defence System and civilian areas) and also from abroad, including France (Saint-Cyr Military Academy), Madagascar, Congo, Zambia;
  • Scientific researcher and director of grants (2007-2009) at Procetel-Bucharest (telecommunications research institute);
  • Associate professor/lecturer at Lumina University of Bucharest (2013-2016)  or Politehnica University of Bucharest (PUB)-(2013-2017), teaching: (Radio relay and satellite communications; Mobile communications networks and systems; Antennas)/(Microwaves);
  • Executive manager for conformity (2009-2018; part time) at Protect/Areko/Olimp Security S.R.L.



  • Evaluation expert of NFS (National Science Fund) – Bulgaria, for scientific grants selection in 2008 and 2009;
  • Member of the Radiocommunications Interdepartmental Commission (initiated by Government Decision, to assist the Minister of Communications in the management of national spectrum of frequencies), 2001-2006;
  • Member of the Inter-Ministry Group (initiated by Government Decision) for  Security research-development (2005-2006);
  • Evaluation expert of ROSA (Romanian Space Agency), for scientific grants selection, in the Security research competition (2005) and Projects competition (2013);
  • Evaluation expert of National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education (recipient of Attestation Certificate for Competence in Research Evaluation), for research programs as: Excellence (2000-2002); Security (2005); Partnership in Priority Areas/Complex Projects (2008);
  • Evaluation expert (member or president) of evaluation commissions of  the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education, for excellence centers: Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (president; 2000); Technical University of Cluj (member; 2002);
  • Member of the Research and Technology Ministry Comission for the reception of the scientific research projects designated to Ministry of Defence (1995 – 1996);
  • Member of the Consultative Board of the National Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (ANSTI/Defence), 1995-2000;
  • Head of the Romanian Team at International Conference GPS-NAVSTAR (USA), Bled, Slovenia, 1995;
  • Chairman of the International Conference COMMUNICATIONS-2000 (with Professor Adelaida Mateescu as Honorary Chairman);
  • Chairperson at 5-th edition of the International Conference “OPTIM ’96″- IEEE, Braşov, 1996;
  • Official referee in commissions for doctoral thesis or doctoral studies process evaluation, at Politehnica University of Bucharest (led by Prof. Adelaida Mateescu, Prof. Victor Croitoru or Prof. Dumitru Stanomir), Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (led by Prof. Dimitrie Alexa), Politehnica University of Timisoara (led by Prof. Adelaida Mateescu), National University of Defence (1997-2003) , MTA (1996-2006);
  • Member/expert of the Auction Comission of the Ministry of Defence for the acquisition of tactical frequency hopping radios for the Romanian Army (1994);
  • Participations at documentation stages for Ministry of Defense experts at ROHDE&SCHWARZ (radiocommunications – October 1996, Munich, Germany) and DAIMLER BENZ AEROSPACE (radiocommunications and electronic warfare – March 1997, Frankfurt and Ulm, Germany);
  • President of the Baccalaureate Comission at Alba Iulia Military High School-1995.



  1. Author of 11 books and more than 125 published scientific papers (including: 9/41 ISI/BDI indexed; 12 abroad);
  2. Communications field expertise – reflected by the next main achievements:

            Author of (the first, in Romania):

  • University license project on “Spread Spectrum Systems”, at the MTA (1979-1980);
  • University Course on “Spread Spectrum Systems” (1988);
  • University manual on “Spread Spectrum Systems”, at the MTA Printing House (1989);
  • Technical book on “Spread Spectrum Systems” („Transmisiuni radio rezistente la bruiaj și interceptare” = Jamming and interception resistant radio communications), at the (national) Military Printing House (1992);

            Prominent scientific research papers/results on:

  • Spread Spectrum Systems:

- Considerations regarding the optimization of the multiple access in spread spectrum systems, Proceedings of the International Conference “CATE ’95″, BRNO, 1995;

- Strategies for the simulation of mutual interference in frequency hopping radios networks, Proceedings of the International Conference COMMUNICATIONS `96 (IEEE/MTA/PUB), Bucharest, 1996;

- Basic method for generating “quasi-orthogonal” spread-spectrum signal formats, Proceedings of the International Conference “ECCTD’97(European Conference on Circuits Theory and Design)”- Budapest, September 1997;

- Optimizing the performances of frequency-hopping radios networks in presence of interference and jamming, Proceedings of the International Conference “CATE ’97″, BRNO, may 1997;

- (Paper Award for) ”Selected pseudo-noise sequences for multiple access in spread spectrum communications systems”, Proceedings of the International conference IEEE ICT2001 (IEE/IEEE/KING ‘S COLLEGE LONDON/PUB), Bucharest, June 2001;

  • Communications Networks:

- A new algorithm for optimizing IEEE802.11 network based on interference activity evaluation criteria, International Journal on “Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering”, Issue 25, Volume 7, Number 4, December 2015;

  • Antennas and Propagation:

- An optimization of the nonuniform antennas arrays synthesis using the z-orthogonal functions method and the Gramm – Schmidt procedure, Proceedings of the “Millennium Conference on Antennas and Propagation” (European Space Agency and IEEE, Davos, Switzerland, 9-14 April 2000);

  • Artificial intelligence:

- Human and artificial intelligence driven incentive-operation model and algorithms for a multi-purpose integrated crowdsensing-crowdsourcing scalable system, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on COMMUNICATIONS 2018/IEEE – MTA – PUB, June 2018;

- Model and Algorithms for Optimizing a Human Computing System Oriented to Knowledge Extraction by Use of Crowdsourcing, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on COMMUNICATIONS 2020/IEEE – MTA – PUB, June 2020;

  • Military Multiplexing Systems:

- 7 innovation certificates of a military equipment for 6-12-24 channels harmonic telegraphy;

          Contributions to the research and development, in the period 1986-1989, of the harmonic telegraphy equipment with 6-12-24 channels (experimental model, prototype, fabrication, testing) for the Ministry of Defense;

          Contributions, as Deputy-Chief (for radio relay networks) of the Radiocommunications Division of STS (2000-2001), at:

  • development, operation and management of the radio-relay backbone for the multiple access radiocommunications systems TETRAPOL/TETRA (national coverage);
  • development of the radio-relay backbone for the ATM network (national coverage);

          Contributions, as Head of the Prognosis and Development Division of STS (2001-2006), at:

  • STS Strategy of Development;
  • Development of “112 Emergency Service” by STS.
  1. Other results
  • Leading university graduating works of students on co-tutelage with foreign universities: France (Toulouse-1997; Brest-2000); Holland (Delft-2004); France (Université Grenoble Alpes-2007);
  • Author or co-author of winning research grants;
  • Recipient of national and international scientific awards;
  • Senior Member of IEEE-USA, since 2005;
  • Owner of papers quoted in other scientific papers, at national or international level;



  • Member of IEEE–USA, since 1998, including, in time, societies as Communications, Antennas and Propagations, Networking, Microwave Theory and Techniques, Information Theory, Computer, Electromagnetic Compatibility or Electron Devices;
  • Member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) – USA, 2008;
  • Member of AFCEA – USA, 1998-2010;
  • Founder, chairman, chairperson, technical committee member  or author of the international conferences series COMMUNICATIONS (96, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020) – (IEEE-Romania Section, MTA-PUB);
  • Member of the scientific board of international conferences.



Well known as constantly striving for perfection in everything he does, Victor GREU, Professor of Communications, has, as hobbies, literature, music collections (including high fidelity, audio equipments and technology) and garden care,  considered as means of communication with the human spirit and the environment, practicing these sincerely, while meeting the nature thanks to such special instruments which feed the soul too, proving that he does not know to rest, and telling us, including this way, who he is. The last but not the least, it seems that he is confirming the words of Cicero that everything we need is only a garden and a library.





Victor GREU, Diploma of Special Merit