Born to be committed to Health Care, including by initiating life-style change (“SANABUNA”) while generating a collaborative environment (“SANABUNA International”) to enhance the quality of lives of individuals by encouraging the partnership for change in the health care system and not only, Professor Florian POPA (Honorary Member of the Romanian Distribution Committee and Member of the Expert Body of the Romanian Distribution Committee and of A.I.D.A. Brussels) has confirmed that each individual has his own vocation and if he does his duty as an individual by working in his own proper vocation, it will be right with the whole of the community. Professor Florian POPA is Senior Editor and Founder of “Journal of Medicine and Life” (already in its fourth year of existence, being indexed in: PubMed, Index Copernicus, EBSCO Publishing, ProQuest, etc.), Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, President of the Editorial Board of the Bulletin edited by the Academy of Medical Sciences, President of the Surgery Department of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Vice-president of the Romanian Surgery Society, President of the Discipline Commission of the Bucharest College of Physicians, Member of the Commission for Health and Family in the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania, Vice-president in the Directory Committee of the Romanian Group of the Interparliamentary Union.

The “Diplomatic Gazette”, Brussels, has presented Professor Florian Popa (“RESPAD” Trophy awarded by the Romanian Distribution Committee in 2006), at the end of 2004 in the Official Drawing Room and in the Conference Room of the famous “Palais d’Egmont”, Brussels, with Leon F. Wegnez, General Secretary of A.I.D.A. Brussels and other personalities.

A few years later, in April 2009, Professor Florian Popa, as Rector (2004-2012) of “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, has organized, under the patronage of Bucharest Municipality (The Mayor, Professor Sorin Oprescu) and in collaboration with the Romanian Distribution Committee and A.I.D.A. Brussels, a European and World premiere – ,,Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing” Conference („SANABUNA 2009”). As it has mentioned on that occasion, the speech and action on this real serious identified challenge (,,Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing”) must and can be changed, because the health of the people and of the economy lies in the centre of sustainable development and adapting the business accordingly.

And this was the first step before the First International Congress ,,Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing” – „SANABUNA International” (www.crd-aida.ro/activitiespartnership/sanabuna-2011/ ) which took place at Aro Palace Hotel, Braşov, 15-17 October 2011, under the patronage of the Romanian Patriarchate, The Romanian Academy, The Ministry of Public Health, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, The Ministry of Education, Research, Innovation and Sport in collaboration with the International Association of Distribution (A.I.D.A Brussels) and EHI Retail Institute. All the debates were the true expression of the strugling for unity of knowledge beyond disciplines (transdisciplinarity), starting from reuniting a range of disciplines independently contributing to the „Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing” disciplinary investigation (multidisciplinarity) and especially from blending methods in order to generate new and improved tools better adapted to the „Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing” disciplinary research (interdisciplinarity).

In the opinion of Professor Florian Popa (expressed in the “Romanian Distribution Committee Magazine”, Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2010), the challenge is to make the performance of health care services to rise or even exceed the expectations of patients, and this is where to go, as they say metaphorically, on the traces made by the patient on his route, getting a deeper knowledge, a more intimate conduct. And this is due to the fact that the experience has shown that only a patient-centered marketing culture emphasizes orientation towards the quality of the medical service and the interpersonal relationship with the client/patient. Even this is, in fact, a reality of marketing in the context of providing health care services and of the quality evaluation of these services, the patients can be affected by bureaucratic aspects of the system, by the poor provider-client relationship or the manner of trading the medical service. And as Petre Tuțea said that “error reigns everywhere”, we must be proactive and we stick to the “sunny side of doubts” as Octavian Paler has cited a verse of Dennyson.

Professor Florian Popa is a personality dedicated to national public interest in medical science research, promoter of the knowledge society, cultivating the delivery of health care in a safe and high quality manner, starting from the firm conviction of the need to build a value creation culture and to focus on the commitment to produce higher value for the patient, identifying successful practices and strengthening a culture of performance and the pride of the faithfully keeper of Hippocratic oath. It is well known that medical purposes depend on the nature of the patient’s disease, while non-medical purposes depend on the physician and the patient’s needs to maintain its autonomy in the context of that relationship. The fact is that each, within the context of this relationship, has his own opinion about what a “good patient” and a “good physician” (which, beyond the professional and scientific competence reflected to diagnose and to make a recommendation to implement a treatment, makes the patient well, is interested of the patient, he speaks well to him, makes him feel good and safe).

Professor Florian Popa (Doctor Honoris Causa for seven times) has been awarded numerous honors and prizes  such as: Honorary citizen of the Jefferson County and of the Kentucky Community (1991), “Prof. dr. G. Palade” Anniversary Medal (1992); “The first promotion of doctors – general medicine” Medal (1995); The National Order “For Merit” in rank of Knight (2002); The Order “Sanitary Merit” in rank of Commander (2004); Jubilee Medal of the Central Clinical Military Emergency Hospital in Bucharest (2006); “Prof. dr. C. I. Parhon” Anniversary Medal from C. I. Parhon Institute of Endocrinology, Bucharest (2006); The Medal of Messina University (2007); “In Honoris”, for the remarkable contribution to the City of Bucharest (2008); “Victor Babes” Prize, the Romanian Academy, December 2009; “Romanian Star” Prize in rank of Knight (2009).

Florian POPA

Léon F. Wegnez and Florian Popa

Diplomatic Gazette, Brussels, December 2004

Florian POPA, Diploma of Special Merit