On the special occasion of the festive meeting celebrating the centennial of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies in April  2013, the Romanian Ministry of National Education awarded the Diploma of Honor to venerable Professor Beniamin Cotigaru for his significant contribution to the development of education and scientific research in the field of Commodity Science, in honor of his outstanding performance.

On May 24, 2006, Professor Beniamin Cotigaru, Honorary Member of the Romanian Distribution Committee (you can view articles published in “Romanian Distribution Committee Magazine”, RePEc and Econ Papers, such as: “The Economy of Ideas and Sustainable Development ; “Intellectuality at high peaks”: ), received the “RESPAD Trophy” Diploma awarded by RDC on the occasion of the Symposium “Institutional-spiritual reconstruction of enterprises, requirement for sustainable development in the knowledge society”, organized by the Romanian Distribution Committee (RDC) in collaboration with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) and UGIR 1903 (on the basis of the volume which appeared in April 2006 at ASE Publishing House and in which, at page 488, reference is made to „RESPAD Trophy” offered by RDC, among other things emphasizing the correlation between real success and the vision of the training team ( ). Two years later, Professor Beniamin Cotigaru was the special guest of the Romanian-American University, the School of Management-Marketing, on the occasion of the International Conference “Business innovation, Competitiveness and Ethics”, 10-11 October, 2008 (

It is also worth remembering the Symposium “The Economy of Ideas and Sustainable development”, Romanian Parliament House, May 16, 2000 ( organized by the Romanian Distribution Committee together with the “International Foundation Health – Environment – Sustainable development ” and in partnership with “Ion Ratiu” Romanian Parliamentarians Club (on the basis of the study “Sustainable development : principles and action”, Beniamin Cotigaru, Theodor Purcarea, coordinators, Millenium Publishing House, May 2000, interdisciplinary research representing a turning point in developing a national strategy for sustainable development ( ).