Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy,

General Deputy Director, National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kiriţescu”, Romanian Academy

Valeriu IOAN-FRANC, Honorary Academician of the AEDEM, Spain

Honorary Academician of the European Academy of Management and Business Economics (AEDEM), Spain

Valeriu IOAN-FRANC, Vice President of the scientific association ROMANIAN DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE

Vice President of the scientific association Romanian Distribution Committee


The (former) Secretary General of the Romanian Distribution Committee – Valeriu Ioan-Franc – is an economist, researcher, PhD in Economics, PhD supervisor, Associated Professor or Visiting Professor at important Universities in Romania and abroad,  founding member of the National Institute of Economic Researches, executive director of the Romanian Center for Compared and Consensual Economy, director of the Economic Information and Documentation Center, President of the “Pierre Werner” Center of Studies and Documentation Romania-Luxembourg, executive editor of the publications of the National Institute of Economic Researches, founder of Expert publishing house of the Institute, director of the Center of Studies and Documentation Romania-OECD, member of the Scientific Council of the European Institute in Romania…


Valeriu Ioan-Franc is author and co-author of numerous scientific papers of recognized value and interest in the marketing field, in general, and especially in the field of the economy of research and science, his personality being noticed in the academic, university and business fields.


Specialized in market and marketing researches and placed among the most committed and valuable disciples of the reputed professors Eugen Barat, Radu Paul and M.C. Demetrescu,

Valeriu Ioan-Franc committed himself to the development of the urban and rural commercial network in Romania, his remarkable contribution being acknowledged.

He is also the author of the first multilingual thesaurus of descriptors for the informational processing activity of bibliographical sources in the field of circulation of commodities and automated storage system, processing and retrieval of bibliographic information.


Valeriu Ioan-Franc has been awarded with prizes and scientific awards for his papers and his activity as a researcher and publicist, the most important are found in the national academic area: the Award “P.S. Aurelian” of the Romanian Academy (1999) for the paper “Marketing and Culture”, the Diploma “Distinctia culturala” of the Romanian Academy (2002) for the “presence in the Romanian intellectual life and the attachment to the work of the Romanian Academy”, the Diploma of Excellence and silver medal of the Romanian Academy and BNR (Romanian National Bank) for coordinating the collection “Nobel Laureates in Economics” (2001) etc.

Valeriu Ioan-Franc is Doctor Honoris Causa of the Republic of Moldova Academy of Economic Studies, Visiting Professor of the University of Trier, Germany and external examiner at Open University, London.


Honorary Member of RDC, Prof. Dr. VALERIU IOAN-FRANC, Romanian Academy, Director INCE (600x425)


Valeriu IOAN-FRANC, Diploma of Special Merit