Dr. Nicolae Albu, Honorary Member and Member of the Board of RDC


It is acknowledged that tourism contributes to the reciprocal understanding and respect for people and society, being considered a vehicle for individual and collective accomplishment. When referring to the country brand, we can notice that tourism is and will be an important vehicle in the battle with the inequalities in the knowledge distribution. As an important instrument of development, tourism can and must participate actively in the strategy of sustainable development, a requirement of a healthy tourism management being considered the ensuring of sustainability of the resources it depends on, providing the quality of conservation of tourism destination and the capacity to satisfy tourists – the “targets” of tourism marketing, after the segmentation of the relevant market and positioning on that market.  As the passion for sustainability is confirmed by CRD status, at the “vehicle” book launches of our colleague Dr. Nicolae Albu from S. C. Aro Palace Brasov, our marketing professor Iacob Catoiu could not miss, an established advisor in terms of branding (the two personalities being prestigious components of CRD’s Board of Directors).

As Romanian tourism is under pressure,  Dr. Nicolae Albu is pledging for the need of energizing through effective partnership in tourist benefit, for a “Reflection and Action group for renewal of the Romanian tourism”. Three words are on the agenda: design and redesign; collaboration and co-innovation relations; performance measurement. Tourism managers are obliged to consider the value chain management, tourism industry stakeholders interacting with each other to resolve divergent business objectives across different operating systems. The two distinctive features of the complex tourism industry (in terms of the supply side tourism is a combination of goods and service, tourism value chains consisting of highly interconnected various parties, coordination in these chains being therefore highly intensive; in terms of the demand side, it was recognized as being complicated, the high volatility and sensitivity to the disturbances of the tourism demand needing a deep knowledge to adequately lead it ), in the new highlighted context, increases the urgency of adopting the common language on the agenda.


Dr. Nicolae Albu reconfirmed recently, in May 2011, his continuous expertise and ability in country brand building, proving confidence, vision, dedication, and timing in ensuring reciprocal understanding and respect for people and society, on the special occasion of the meeting with:

- the well-known food marketing practitioner Dr. John L. Stanton, founding editor of the „Journal of Food Products Marketing”, USA, and an editorial advisor of the British Food Journal (Professor Stanton from Saint Joseph’s University’s, Philadelphia is Chair, Department of Food Marketing, the first endowed chair in food marketing in the USA), positions held in different companies’ boards, expert and expert witness to many food and beverage companies, being regularly quoted in the news media including CNN, the Today Show and NBC Nightly News, and also in Forbes, Fortune, Advertising Age, Brand Week, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many others;

- the distinguished cosmonauts Dumitru Prunariu and Leonid Popov (Soiuz-40, 14-22 May 1981), Aleksandr Aleksandrov, Bertalan Farkas.

In fact, the images below are speaking for themselves:

Nicolae ALBU, Diploma of Special Merit